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Timesheet Entry for Employees

The intuitive windows in Aspire Timesheet Entry for Employees provide convenient browses and lookups for increased speed and accuracy. Unlimited, free form notes encourage employees to describe the work performed for each timesheet entry. A built in control can require employees to provide a work explanation and is controlled at the project level.  Notes can be viewed on all project inquiries and reports where cost detail is available and can also be viewed while billing the client. 


Once submitted, supervisors can review the details of each timesheet organized by work date, earnings code, project or activity/function, with summaries for each. Rejected or questionable entries can be returned to employees with a full explanation and can be accompanied by an e-mail notification to instantly inform employees of the timesheet status.


The project manager approval option provides an increased level of control over project costs .  When a project is set to require approval for resource hours, the project manager can view all timesheet detail summarized by employee, work date, activity/function or earnings code within each project.  Remaining budget dollars appearing with the activity/function view help assess the impact on the project before approving. As with the supervisor approvals, rejected entries, with explanation, can be returned and the employee notified.


Some of the features in Aspire Timesheet Entry for Employees include:


  • Intuitive data entry windows that reduce the learning curve, increase productivity and promote accuracy

  • Include - Free form notes for employees to describe work performed. Notes can be viewed on Project Costing reports, inquiries and during client invoicing.  Can be configured as mandatory at the project level 

  • Employees can continually monitor the status of each timesheet during the approval process

  • Include - Manage late, incomplete and missing timesheets with email notification

  • Reporting that identifies variances in employee timesheet hours recorded (based on the normal timesheet hours the employee is expected to work)

  • Timesheet statistics are maintained on frequency of rejection or return to employee as well as overdue submission times. 

  • Automated e-mail notifications for submitted, approved and rejected timesheets.  Approval options that provide flexibility in how timesheets are viewed and summaries that allow the approver to view entries organized in different formats

  • Employees, approvers, project managers and payroll administrators can all be configured to receive e-mail notification with timesheet status changes

  • Include - Full Employee Timesheet history can be referenced during timesheet entry and approval sessions

  • Include - Facilitates the reporting of employee  submission and approval compliance to timesheet cutoff dates, variances between standard and recorded hours and incidences of rejected and returned timesheets

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