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Powerful Project Tracking Software fully integrated with Financials

Ideal for project-oriented time and expense recording, Aspire Project Suite combines essential accounting features with sophisticated tools for tracking costs, monitoring project performance and assessing profitability.

Designed for service based organizations such as:

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Service Professionals

  • Management Consultants

  • Public Relations

  • Any business for which time is billed and tracked against projects


Aspire Project Suite consists of four core modules; Project Costing, General Ledger Financials, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables.   Optional add on modules are Canadian Payroll, Timesheet Entry for Employees and Purchasing. All in a 100% seamless integration.

Aspire Project Suite

Project Costing  has powerful tools for tracking, monitoring and measuring project performance. The built in flexibility allows a custom fit for your business needs.  A complete Client Billing module is embedded in this module and provides a batch based and individual billing option, customizable billing formats and complete control over what is billed and when.

Highlights include:

  • Extremely flexible project setup, including user defined automatic project numbering templates, work breakdown templates and full project templates.  Can be combined to create a project

  • Controlled project access with confidential and/or filtered access to project information, including reports and inquiries

  • Controlled resource lists and detailed account coding available at several levels

  • Comprehensive Budgets with Change Order control

  • Phased in billing rate changes with global rate change options 

  • Easy, one step option to move costs from one project to another, recalculate costs and billable amounts to reflect updates to employee rates, retroactive pay increases or increases in billing rates after detail has posted

  • Fully integrated with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Timesheet Entry and Purchasing

General Ledger Financials is a sophisticated multi-company and multi-currency solution. With convenient journal options, powerful inquiry capabilities, flexible budgeting and the ability to customize every aspect of your own financial statements, Aspire General Ledger has what it takes to maintain an accurate financial snapshot of your business.

Highlights include:

  • Financial statement formatting features including reusable column and row formats, account groups, customized subtotalling and section definitions and complete control over fonts, colour and placement of columns and fields

  • Powerful account inquiry with a five level breakdown and option to customize and recall your viewing preferences

  • Comprehensive bank reconciliation to balance your bank statement, reconcile cheques and deposits and make adjusting entries in one place

  • Batch or real time processing with full audit trail

  • Full integration with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Project Costing 

Accounts Payable offers practical reporting, informative inquiries and comprehensive windows.  This module boast strong reporting capabilities to assist with analysing vendor invoice detail by account breakdown, project breakdown, transaction date.  The Purchase Analysis Listing provides a tool for reviewing the vendors you purchase from the most and can be run by value as well as other options.  n ISO feature is available for control and monitoring of vendors where a quality management system is in place.

Highlights include:

  • Vendors can be paid by cheque or direct deposit with emailing of vendor payment notifications available

  • Adjustments, transfers and reversals are processed with a full audit trail and automatically correct interfacing modules

  • Invoice entry contains on the fly vendor add feature and repeat invoice feature for speedy processing of repetitive invoices

  • Automatic invoice hold feature and pay when paid setting

  • Full integration with Project Costing and General Ledger 

Accounts Receivable involves billing clients and managing the subsequent receivables, critical activities in project oriented companies.  Aspire offers statistics and analysis windows that track client payment patterns and a collections processing feature that pulls it all together in one location.   The comprehensive reporting, informative inquiries and flexible data entry options offer everything you need to monitor, control and  manage cash flow. 

Highlights include:

  • Streamlined receipts processing that includes handy multiple invoice select option, client lookups by project or invoice, and a project manager email notification feature when a receipt is posted against a project

  • Incisive payment trend analysis tracks and identifies changes in client payment patterns

  • Extensive adjustment and correction options with audit trail and full integration with Project Costing and General Ledger

  • Flexible options for managing cash flow and collections, including collections history for recording payment arrangements.  Can be maintained by project managers from Project Costing with appropriate privileges

  • Full integration with Project Costing and General Ledger


Aspire Canadian Payroll is a full payroll with a direct interface to Timesheet Entry and Project Costing.  It is fully compliant with CRA federal, provincial and territorial payroll legislation. 


Features include over 20 standard reports, one step creation of pay runs, customizable earnings, deductions and taxable benefits calculations, cheque and direct deposit payment options and email options for earnings statements and T4 slips.  

Highlights include:

  • Employee rate management feature that allows new rates to be phased in, even in the middle of a pay cycle.  Rate change history stored indefinitely

  • Security options that can restrict user access to employee groups and payroll functions

  • Direct deposit to major financial institutions with optional savings deposit

  • Deposits and cheques in same pay run, with overrides available 

  • Lieu option that manage banked hours in lieu of payment

  • Automatic T4 creation with flexible adjustments processing, CRA efile options and emailing of T4 slips to employees

  • Complete audit trail for all Payroll activity

  • Full integration with Timesheet Entry, Project Costing and General Ledger


Aspire Timesheet Entry is designed to provide employees with an intuitive interface that reduces the learning curve and increases productivity immediately.

Employees entering their own timesheets can greatly reduce the administrative burden of time recording. The approval control features for supervisors and managers can net a measurable increase in efficiency, accuracy and timeliness.

Highlights include:

  • Supports entry of project and non project hours and expenses

  • Unlimited free form notes that can be entered with every time or expense entry to describe the work performed. Notes can be viewed on the project and when billing the client

  • Timesheet approvers can be supervisors, project managers and timesheet administrators

  • Email notifications sent when timesheet status changes (submitted, approved, released) 

  • Full Timesheet history accessible during entry and approval sessions

  • Facilitates reporting of:

    •  submission and approval compliance to timesheet deadlines

    • variances in recorded hours versus expected

    • incidences of rejected and returned timesheets

  • Full integration with Payroll and Project Costing

  • Can be used without Payroll where direct interface with Project Costing is desired


Aspire Purchasing provides a requisition approval option that controls purchasing and gives project managers the ability to view and approve purchases before they affect the project.

Project inquiries and reporting show the committed costs on the purchase order.  Entry of the Accounts Payable invoice replaces this "soft" link with the actual vendor cost.

Highlights include:

  • Effective control over spending with approvals based on a specified approval limit

  • Approvals windows allow authorized personnel to approve or reject purchases with a full explanation and automatic e-mail notification to owner of the requisition

  • Combined approval and conversion to purchase order option for one step processing of requisitions

  • Committed costs show against the project as soon as a purchase order is entered

  • Incisive reporting that pinpoints variances between purchase order and vendor invoice, including differences in the project charged, quantities and cost amounts

  • Full integration with Project Costing and Accounts Payable

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