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Product Support 


Our in-house educators work closely with our development team, giving them an intimate understanding of every feature, option and process in our products.


Based on your needs and preferences, we'll design a program that equips your employees with the training they need for a smooth transition to Aspire Project Suite.


Training is available on-site and can be customized for group or classroom style presentation. 


Web based training is a convenient option and telephone training is often enough for some types of instruction.


Software Support

Having application issues at month end or during a pay run can virtually cripple an organization. Waiting on a human to offer the guidance you need can be very frustrating.  Worse is when the software vendor takes weeks or months to apply a fix or correct a bug.

Our support staff provide timely answers to your questions, quick resolutions to problems and practical insight into how things could run more smoothly for you.

Regular maintenance and payroll updates are provided complete with release notes and  install instructions for your technical people. Bug fixes are deployed as required by our clients, no waiting involved.

We're there when you need us and our reputation reinforces this over and over again. 

Data Conversions

Implementing a new software system is a rather daunting task, to say the least.  Deciding how you're going to set up the data is one of the most important decisions you'll make.

Re-entering master files can be a useful exercise, particularly when data is in need of some housekeeping.  But if time and resources are short, a data conversion can be worth considering.  Another consideration is how important it is to your business to bring in historical data as well.

Depending on volumes and format, data conversions can be cost effective and will certainly reduce the effort involved in getting the initial data loaded into Aspire.


We're happy to provide this service to assist in the implementation process. 

Bedford Systems Management Ltd. offer the following supporting services to clients running Aspire Project Suite and those for whom we have developed a vertical solution.
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