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System Overview

Purchasing goods and services are basic activities of every business.  When purchasing for a project, lack of control can dramatically impact performance and may even result in distorted profit margins and client billings. The requisition approval option in Aspire Purchasing eliminates unauthorized purchases by giving the project manager the ability to view and approve purchases before they affect the project. The seamless link to Project Costing shows committed costs on the project as soon as the purchase order is created and replaces this link with actual costs when the vendor invoice is recorded. The ability to approve all expenditures and to view committed costs against the project are indispensable tools for effective project management.


The inquiry and historical tracking capabilities of this module are quite impressive. Purchased items and vendor cross references accumulate purchasing statistics and detailed history for each vendor/item combination. An item you purchase from more than one vendor can easily be compared between vendors. View outstanding purchase orders by purchase order#, vendor, item or project. Each inquiry offers extensive sorts, filters and selection criteria. Purchase history is available in several formats and provides analysis information that can be used for many different purposes.


Some of the features in Aspire Purchasing include:


  • Requisition approval windows that allow authorized personnel to review and approve or reject purchases with a full explanation and automatic e-mail notification

  • Approver profiles that are based on a maximum approval limit and track the total approvals, in dollars, granted by each approver

  • Project manager option that allows authorized project managers to review and approve purchases against their projects

  • Flexible options that allow the user to choose how requisitions are viewed and summaries that provide various formats in which to view each requisition

  • Vendor/item cross reference data that provides efficient, consistent entry of reorders

  • Combined requisition approval and conversion option that allows an approver, with appropriate authorization, to create a purchase order while approving the requisition

  • Informative windows that monitor outstanding purchases by vendor, project, purchased item or purchase order

  • Valuable inquiries that track purchase history and show statistical data for vendors and the items they supply

  • Informative analysis information for comparing the project, quantity and cost information between the purchase order and the invoice with the purpose of identifying variances between the two

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