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Project Costing

We all know that software does not determine success or failure of a project.  Far more significant factors are good project management skills, a dedicated, qualified project team, accurate estimating and a client or sponsor that is committed to getting the job done properly. Even the definition of a successful project varies from one project to the next, between project managers within an organization and most definitely between individuals from different business backgrounds.


Aspire Project Costing has powerful, reliable tools for tracking, monitoring and measuring project performance. The built in flexibility allows you to custom fit the software to your business needs.  Controlled project resource lists, customized work breakdown structures and required approvals promote quality and integrity of project management information.  Accurate, reliable project information inspires confidence in the project manager and you can be sure the project team and the client will notice.

Some of the features in Aspire Project Costing include:


  • Extremely flexible project setup options, including customized billing rates and intricate work breakdown structures

  • Effective budget control for tracking variances between planned and actual performance, including two budgets to work with and change order processing

  • Superb reports and inquiries for monitoring project performance with a variety of formats, filters, sorts and extensive selection criteria

  • Resource analysis tools to measure productivity and profitability for employees, trucks, automobiles, equipment and other types of resources

  • Controlled project access providing confidential and/or filtered access to sensitive project information

  • Data entry defaults that can be set up for projects, resources, materials and expenses to reduce data entry time and right down to an intricate level

  • Options to customize project overheads, cost and billing calculations right down at the most detailed level

  • Approval options for timesheet hours and purchases that give the project manager the ability to review and approve costs before they affect the project

  • Extremely flexible options for correcting and adjusting posted cost detail (with full audit trail), including moving costs from one project to another or even within a project to another point in the work breakdown structure.  There's also easy, one step ways to recalculate costs and billable amounts to reflect updates to employee rates, retroactive pay increases or increases in billing rates after detail has posted 

  • A 100% seamless interface to financials, timesheet entry, payroll and purchasing

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