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General Ledger

Aspire General Ledger is a sophisticated multi-company and multi-currency solution with the capability of consolidating many companies. An unlimited number of banks, currencies and accounts can be used, and accounts can be configured with sub accounts for an extra level of control. Cost centres and departments provide detailed reports, inquiries and financial statements.  Budgeting provides both active and planning budget and both can be used on financial statements.  Global budget change options allow you to manipulate, update, replace and recalculate budgets on demand.


With convenient journal options, powerful inquiry capabilities, flexible budgeting, multi-currency and the ability to customize your own financial statements, Aspire General Ledger has all the features you need to maintain an accurate financial snapshot of your business.


Some of the features in Aspire General Ledger include:


  • Accounts that can be set up as standard or control accounts with sub account support

  • User defined departments and cost centres that provide a detailed breakdown of account activity

  • Period status options that control period access, for interfacing modules and within the General Ledger

  • Flexible budgeting features that include time-saving global budget changes

  • Powerful account inquiries with incisive options to customize the view and a five level breakdown.  Supporting interface detail for each module includes vendors and invoices, purchase orders, cheques, clients, employees, pay ending dates and more

  • Comprehensive journal options that include standard, repetitive, percentage distribution and accrual journals

  • Unlimited free form notes that provide descriptive information about each journal

  • Dynamic formatting features for designing your own financial statements

  • Built-in multi-company and multi-currency

  • Automatic revaluation of gains/losses for foreign currency

  • Strong reporting capabilities that assist with analysis and troubleshooting

  • Export capabilities for use with Microsoft Excel, Case Ware Working Papers and other applications


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