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Consulting and professional service organizations know that billing the client is one of the most time consuming activities.  Healthy cash flow relies upon timely billing of project costs.


Complemented by informative reports and inquiries, Aspire Client Billing has flexible options for speedy selection of projects to bill; choose all projects with costs ready to bill, select projects based on a minimum billing amount, or pick projects that have not been billed since a date you specify. Choose projects individually, or select by client, project manager or billing cycle. Work with any combination of billing styles at a time, including fixed fee, project % complete,  activity % complete or time and expense.   


The project billing window organizes the invoice into two views. The header tab shows the client billing address and contact as well as the subject area text and billing description.  Any header information can be changed. The detail tab shows the body of the invoice, including column headers specific to the billing style of the project, billing lines including sub totals, totals, taxes and extra charges. Quickly write up, write down, add and remove lines from a bill.  Taxes automatically calculate as the invoice changes.  Apply taxes to individual lines where charges are exempt or where taxes vary from the rest of the invoice. 


Work in Process (WIP) appearing on the invoice is easily deferred to another billing period or written off here. Descriptions can be changed or added to the bill and blank lines and page breaks can be added where you need them.  Extra charges unrelated to the costs attached to the project can automatically be included on the bill and added, changed or removed in this window.


Some of the features in Aspire Client Billing include:


  • Formatting that allows you to customize the look of the invoice for each billing style, including logos, fonts, page margins and orientation, print position, column definitions and more

  • Flexible edit options for invoice lines, including write up, write down, remove and add capabilities.  Add blank lines and description lines and insert page breaks where you want them

  • Convenient WIP options in the project billing window; bill a project without updating WIP or write off WIP for a project without billing it, defer WIP to another billing period or adjust WIP on each line of the bill if necessary

  • Billing description templates to standardize text showing on the invoice.  Add embedded dates that are updated at print time to show the current billing period

  • Print draft invoices from several locations, either individually or in a group. Invoice reprints can be identified with copy printed right on the invoice

  • Option to list outstanding invoices on the bill as a reminder to the client. Or, or show only the outstanding balance without the detail.  Include on all bills or only on the projects you choose

  • Project manager access that allows each manager to work on their own project billings in a separate window

  • Flexible billing profile options that indicate the billing style, detail presentation, default subject lines, billing description, applicable taxes and billing address and contact information for each project

  • Automatically updates Accounts Receivable and General Ledger when bills are processed

Client Billing

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