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Canadian Payroll

The process of entering, proofing and posting timesheets is one of the most time sensitive activities for a business. Every feature in Aspire Payroll is designed with efficiency, accuracy and productivity in mind.


Employee set up includes straightforward windows that are organized and logical in layout. This is important to the usability of a product and is frequently overlooked in software development. Aspire data entry windows feature browses, lookups, tool tips, hint help and a full online help document so questions can be answered without leaving the window you are working in. Once timesheets are entered and proofed, the calculation, cheque and/or deposit printing can be performed in a matter of minutes. All employee information is in one location, including stub detail, insurable earnings, adjustments, T4 information, earnings, deductions and taxable benefits history and more.


Some of the features in Aspire Canadian Payroll include:


  • Intuitive timesheet entry windows that are designed for increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency

  • Unlimited free form notes that can be entered with every timesheet entry to describe the work performed. Notes can be viewed with timesheet cost detail on the project and when compiling billings for the client

  • Flexible options for calculating deductions, taxable benefits and vacation pay

  • Direct deposit processing that includes optionally depositing to a separate savings account for an employee using very specific parameters for calculating the savings portion (if any)

  • Include - Phased in employee rate management feature that allows rate changes right in the middle of a pay period if necessary.  Rate change history is stored indefinitely

  • Include - One step creation of a pay run, including hourly and salary, cheques and deposits, multiple departments and multiple cheques per employee

  • All pay components can be edited for a pay run, including earnings, deductions, taxable benefits, payroll taxes, vacation and insurable earnings

  • Include -Lieu option that tracks and manages banked hours in lieu of payment

  • Browses and inquiries that show full stub detail for each cheque and deposit

  • EI Earnings inquiry window that shows insurable earnings for each employee

  • More than 20 standard reports and listing that offer extensive format options, filters, sorts and selection criteria to customize each to your requirements


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