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Accounts Payable

The comprehensive data entry windows and the inquiry and reporting capabilities in Aspire Accounts Payable make it a valuable resource for managing cash flow and settling vendor commitments. All vendor activity is available in one location. Invoices, adjustments, payments, outstanding purchase orders and detail notes can be viewed with drill downs to the lowest level of detail. Contact information is available in the same inquiry window when communicating with the vendor.


Flexible payment options provide quick, concise selection of vendors and invoices to pay. Any payment amount can be changed. Adjustments, transfers and reversals are processed with a full audit trail and automatically correct interfacing modules. The Aged Payables Listing provides the information you need to decide what to pay and when.  View invoices by bank, currency, vendor and user defined aging category with available terms discounts.  Several levels of detail are available depending on how you want to use the information.     


Some of the features in Aspire Accounts Payable include:


  • User defined defaults that make vendor set up quick and easy

  • Unlimited contacts for each vendor, complete with cell# and e-mail address

  • Miscellaneous vendor option for single use vendors and invoices

  • An automatic invoice hold feature that can be allocated at the vendor level or initiated during data entry

  • One step purchase order to invoice conversion

  • Option that allows you to attach a different purchase order to every line on the invoice

  • Adjustment options that include a convenient reverse and re-enter feature, full one step reversals and credit memos that can be applied to one or more invoices.  All are accompanied by a full audit trail

  • Feature that will produce one cheque per invoice for vendors that require separate payments

  • Payment processing that provides flexible options for selecting of invoices and vendors to pay and for adjusting the payment or terms amount 

  • Option to transfer a full or partial payment from one invoice to another and to reverse an entire payment in one step

  • Many listings that provide purchase history, statistical vendor information and help manage cash flow


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